Thursday, 12 April 2012

Learnings & Actions from last night’s TED@HOME Session

·         Brilliant advertising by Dollar Shave Club:
·         The Power of YouTube:

We EDUCATED ourselves with:
-          The secret effects of sharing secrets: 
-          These days are we more connected or more alone? 
-          The future of social media – as illustrated by digital guru Gary Vaynerchuk  and connected to this: the OneAway app that a friend I know developed 

We INSPIRED ourselves with the beauty of the world and the extreme things humans can do: 

What ACTIONS did we agree to take starting TODAY?

1.       We will each anonymously share a personal secret to be posted on (assuming you will feel better about doing it – if not, it’s not worth it – but why not try)
2.       We will make more efforts in our daily lives to connect physically to one another and have real-life conversations instead of BBM, txts, WhatsApps, e-mails, etc (and/or switch off BB and iPhones after 8pm to give full attention and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones or your close friends) Or if you are really brave, try writing an actual hand-written letter to somebody far away.


  1. From Twitter: 250 million tweets per day. It took Twitter 3 years to reach 1 billion tweets, now they do it in 4 days. 100 terabytes of data is generated every day on Twitter – the equivalent of 140 miles of floppy disks (remember those?)