Friday, 11 May 2012

Learnings & Actions from our previous TED@HOME Session
Record attendance at 22 people – shall we rent-out the Cinema next time?


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We EDUCATED ourselves with:

 We INSPIRED ourselves with:

What ACTIONS did we agree to take starting TODAY?

  • 1.       Learn from children – DREAM BIG and think without any boundaries, then just go and do it. If you fail, try again!
  • 2.       We will join the Crazy Brainstorm community (created by Othman+Mazala who joined us at TED@HOME) which is a group for motivated innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, and people who want to re-think the world, start new businesses or brainstorm about what could appear like cRAZY ideas. We all have ideas, our own experiences, our own domain of expertise. And if we combine them, we would come up with something new. Join here:
  • 3.       Follow your passions. It is your passion that will make your dreams come true, nothing else. Even if you don’t have a dream, following your passion will make you realize what your dream is. If you don’t know your passion, spend a weekend by yourself and think about it!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Learnings & Actions from last night’s TED@HOME Session

·         Brilliant advertising by Dollar Shave Club:
·         The Power of YouTube:

We EDUCATED ourselves with:
-          The secret effects of sharing secrets: 
-          These days are we more connected or more alone? 
-          The future of social media – as illustrated by digital guru Gary Vaynerchuk  and connected to this: the OneAway app that a friend I know developed 

We INSPIRED ourselves with the beauty of the world and the extreme things humans can do: 

What ACTIONS did we agree to take starting TODAY?

1.       We will each anonymously share a personal secret to be posted on (assuming you will feel better about doing it – if not, it’s not worth it – but why not try)
2.       We will make more efforts in our daily lives to connect physically to one another and have real-life conversations instead of BBM, txts, WhatsApps, e-mails, etc (and/or switch off BB and iPhones after 8pm to give full attention and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones or your close friends) Or if you are really brave, try writing an actual hand-written letter to somebody far away.

Friday, 3 February 2012

2012 - Year of Dragon Action

Fellow humans,

In my eyes, 2011 has been the year of the Sponge. A year of a learning. A year of thinking, talking & debating.

According to the Chinese, 2012  is the year of the Dragon. To me, the dragon represents a concentrated ball of enormous energy and activity. This year ladies and gentlemen, is the year of action. It’s about taking the steps you’ve been thinking about for so long. It’s about making an impact on life. Changing the game for the better. It is about materializing your values and beliefs into the real world, not just your head. Lets do it. And lets do it together.


What did we watch in our last TED@HOME session?

We entertained with:
-          Tips on how not to get distracted:
-          Beautiful advertising based on solid insights:

We educated ourselves with:
-          The power of global collaboration:

We inspired ourselves with a talk from a remarkable French/American 60-year old woman:

What did we ACTIONS did we agree on our last TED@HOME?

1.    We will all register on to learn a new language and help others at the same time.
2.    We will challenge our minds/bodies and run the Half-Marathon in Geneva on Sunady May 6th 2012, register here:

Monday, 7 November 2011

TED @ HOME Sessions 4/5/6

Now that i've had at least 3 more sessions under my belt, i can post the videos that we watched.

if you are reapplying this idea somewhere in the world, my one piece of advice is: Diversity brings amazing perspectives and even more awesome discussions. Mix it up!

Session #4:

1-      ENTERTAIN: How to tie your shoes:
and Facebook & Google Revealed:
3-      INSPIRE: Generosity Experiment:

Session #5:

1-      ENTERTAIN: Wii Remote Hack:
and How to start a movement:
and Why we do what we do: 
Session #6:

1-      ENTERTAIN: What's wrong with our food system: 
and Lessons from an Ad Man:
3-   INSPIRE: Charlie Chaplin:  (we loved it so much we watched it again)
how do we take this to the next level?

look how concentrated they are!! you dont get this concentration level at college even!!!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Birth of TED @ HOME

Without a doubt, my favourite website to date is . Once you explore it, you will understand why i feel this way.

I love watching an inspiring TED talk just before i go to bed. Whenever i find really cool talks, i usually fwd them to my friends. butttt, i always feel unsatisfied because i'd like to be there when they've finished watching the talk and see their reactions and get their points of view and see if there is anything more to learn on the subject.

SO i did what any other Wael Jabi would do...i invited them over to watch some TED Talks together!

Beauty is in the details - HOW to do this? simple:
- Invite anybody and everybody - friends/colleagues/etc - the more diverse the better!
- Couch
- TV hooked up to my laptop that will play the videos from
- do-it-yourself sandwich snack bar with some drinks
- Start with something Entertaining to break the ice and get ppl comfortable
- Move on to more educational talks submitted by the audience and discuss after each one.
- End with one strikingly inspirational video to give them something to think about when they go home to sleep!

the result?

1- first and foremost, BEAUTIFUL discussions after each talk. we really go to bond and know each other much more. its amazing i cant explain it you just have to do it!

2- People felt INSPIRED - EDUCATED - ENTERTAINED, and will live the following day with a different perspective in-mind. one way or the other, they will be adding more value to life then before.

3- Attendance levels DOUBLED at every session. (index 200 vs. previous period)

4- more visits to and more videos being shared to other friends - the word of mouth machine at its best!

et voila....EUREKA! a new way of watching TED Talks is born....right out of the comfort of your own living room!

**its the people and the discussions that make this special, thank you all for coming**

NOTE THIS IS NOT A TED or TEDx EVENT - nothing to do with the organization themselves!

For those interested to know what videos we watched in our previous sessions, here are the links:

Session #1:
1-      ENTERTAIN: Parrots are smarter than you think:
3-      INSPIRE: Do something for 30 days:

Session #2:
2.       EDUCATE:
3.       INSPIRE: Photos that changed the world:

Session #3:
 2-      EDUCATE:
3-      INSPIRE: Isang Litrong Liwanag (its not TED but its brilliant):

TED @ HOME - Live in Action!!!!!!!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

What you didn't know about Teethbrushing

I hate going to the dentist. The idea of sharp tools scraping my enamel is horrifying. What is worse is that I have sensitive teeth so the pain is amplified.

There is only one dentistry clinic which I actually look forward to visiting each time I'm back home which is the Scandinavian Dental Clinic on Wasl road in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE. This isn't a regular clinic it's a palace with a tennis court. How cool is to watch n listen to the Eagles playing Hotel California on a HD-Quality LED screen that is attached to the ceiling while the dentist is busy working on your teeth? Did I mention the awesome surround sound?

It's like the clinic was part of an episode of Pimp My Ride - Pimp My Clinic. All the latest tech!

Ok I'm drifting off - what you DIDN'T KNOW about brushing your teeth is the subject of this blog so let me share with you what I learnt on my last visit to the clinic:

1- Flouride-intensive tooth-paste is key. (Crest Pro-Expert is my favorite - no I'm not promoting it this is honesty!)

2- DON'T RINSE YOUR MOUTH AFTER BRUSHING - Well just a bit. Normally I brush my teeth, then gargle 50 times with water to flush out the toothpaste. Actually what you should do is, brush ur teeth, spit out the majority without using water and then gargle only once with water and keep the rest of the paste in ur mouth so that the Flouride protects ur teeth throughout ur day! (warning: brush teeth After breakfast otherwise ur eggs will taste like Crest)

3- USE A LOT OF TOOTHPASTE!! I always thought that u only needed a pea-sized amount but the dentist was clear that u should put a lot so that u have more fluoride left over for the day's protection !

Et voila ladies n gents the secrets of thy teeth! Eureka!

This blog was NOT sponsored by any brand or clinic but donations are very much appreciated :)

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Friday, 26 August 2011

Eat Grass

I am so jelous of sheep, ostriches, cows and other grass-eating animals.

Just look at the effort they need to do to get a meal: bend neck down, crunch into it, chew, digest.

No complex menus, no bad service, no bills to pay, no limitations on quantity, nothing!

I wish I could eat grass. Just imagine food all around me just sitting there in plentiful waiting for me to just tear it up, wow.

What if we come up with something like that? A piece of land with completely edible vegetation; i.e No dirt, no soil, no non-edible parts, no insects.
Creating a bed of M&M's doesn't count.

Who wants to fund this project?

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Location:Chemin des Maisonnettes,,Switzerland