Friday, 18 February 2011

Top 10 Best Compliments to Give a Guy

Im sweating as i type because i think ive set a certain standard of blogging that i need to upkeep. So here goes: For my 2nd blog ever in this life, i would like to equip everybody on what i think are the top 10 best things you can say to a guy (some apply to women, especially number 5).

No, these are not a list of things people have told me, but rather a nice mix of things i've said to others and what i've heard being said.

It may be useful, and it may not be of any use, but the objective is to share what i think is worth sharing.

Here we go with the TOP 10 BEST COMPLIMENTS TO GIVE A GUY::::::::::
  1. You inspire me. (wow that’s deep) 
  2. I look up to you. (siblings - natural-born responsibility of being the role model as a first child) 
  3. You’re fucking hot. (yes, the swear word is essential. It brings it to another level…)
  4. I hope my son grows up to be like you. (usually this comes from mothers)
  5. I wish you would marry my daughter. (usually this ONLY comes from mothers)
  6. I am proud of you. (Yes pride is one of the deadly sins but this type doesn’t cause any deaths! J )
  7. You are leaving gigantic shoes to fill. (hmm not sure if this deserves to be in the top 10 but I love it anyway)
  8. I want YOU on my team. (could be in sports, work, study groups, relationships)
  9. You’re the best I’ve ever had and will ever have. (no comment)
  10. Any general complements relating to the greatness and size of his physical features (specifically: arms, shoulders, biceps, chest, and other manly organs)
Your thoughts? Hit me back with a list for girls so i can use it!!!!!


  1. You're 'fucking' Hilarious! referring to your sense of humor is a pretty big compliment too no?

  2. Fay I will extend it to Top 11 just so we can add that one!

  3. I want you to be the father of my child.


    The only man I will ever love after you is my son

  4. Top 10 Compliments to Give a Girl:

    1. You're so interesting - not 'interesting' as in weird, interesting as in you actually listen to what we say and you actually find what we say interesting.

    2. I could look at you all day - it's nice to know you love our looks.

    3. I'd catch a grenade for you - a la Bruno Mars

    4. I want to be just like you when I grow up - typically said from the boyfriend's younger sister, always so nice to hear

    5. You're so much fun to be around - anyone can say this and it's such a huge compliment because it just shows you're entertaining

    6. You're an amazing ___________ - fill in the blank with a good quality: cook, person, friend.....kisser, perhaps?

    7. I need your advice - this may not be a compliment, but I know, being a sister, I love it when my older brothers come to me for advice.

    8. You'd be a great mom - after all, being a parent is one of the biggest parts of life and if you're considered to be 'great' then that's pretty amazing.

    9. You are breathtakingly beautiful - of course this must be said when the girl looks the most natural, not when she's wearing pounds of makeup.

    10. Will you marry me? - if it's said at the right time, right place, right moment, its the most wonderful question you could ever ask a girl.